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“Please stop flattering me. Am not even that beautiful.” The entire time, that was the statement he was waiting for. His plan was officially underway.
“let me take you upstairs”

She was feeling so euphoric she floated up the stairs. The previously overwhelming prospect of registration, once Steve had broken it down seemed like a breeze. So with newly invoked enthusiasm, she carried on registration and was done, awaiting only BC screening and getting her ID which from what she had heard, was the Queen of all hustles. Atleast she had succeeded with submitting her forms in Mulambya’s so not welcoming office. Rosetta could finally sit down. Stephen was downstairs at Oasis, waiting for her with a seemingly cold hubbly bubbly drink in his hand. How on earth did he know she was so thirsty? And how did he know she loved hubbly bubbly? He was impossibly amazing and charming. She smiled as she approached him. His eyes were affixed on her lips, sending Jitters through her when she noticed it. She loved this feeling.

“is that a for me?” she mockingly asked. Actually, it was desperation to get the drink down her throat that made her ask
“no young lady!”. He countered the joke. “this is for the prettiest lady to ever step in CBU and certainly that isn’t you.”

Her eyes dilated. Shocked. Touched. Jealous.

“Well, who’s the lucky girl?” she was somewhat offended. “I would like to meet her”

“am afraid you can’t meet her. But if you insist, I can take you to meet her.”
She wasn’t going to back out on this. She had heard about a certain beautiful girl from Bizwa in CBU. She was certain it was the same girl her charming Steve just called “most beautiful”.

“take me to her”. She was daring.

He looked at her in surprise. She wasn’t smiling so he offered to carry the envelope in her hand and took her hand. Sparks!!! Lights!! Fire!!! Electricity surged through her again. She loved it. She wanted it. Gosh! There was something about his hands touching her. She gladly followed, excitement being all that she felt. They walked towards BIZWA. Her heart beat increased. “so he’s really serious about this girl?” she thought to herself. They bypassed BIZWA to some place written FOUNTAIN RESTAURANT. She had heard about it. Her stomach grumbled just at the thought of food. She felt embarrassed but Steve was focussed on taking her to the most beautiful girl wa mu CBU from BIZWA.

Once at fountain, Steve asked her what she would like to eat.
“ill eat what you’ll eat”. It was only after she had said that, that she realized she sounded flirty. Steve just smiled and went to the counter. In a short while. He was back with two prepacked meals in a plastic bag with one drink.

“Lets go you meet the girl then we can eat from my room.” There are too many divers here.

“what?” she didn’t understand though she was for the idea of not eating from such a crowded place. “what are divers?” he laughed and brushed it off.

They reached the hostels and had to climb up to the last floor. L311 was the number on the room.

She felt awkwardly uncomfortable. She had never been to a guy’s room, especially not a stranger. Sensing this, he halted his opening of the door. He inserted the key then sternly looked into her eyes. Beauty defined.
“the most beautiful girl at CBU is inside. She’s alone. Am sorry but she’s a little prettier than you”. Ouch. That was personal now. There was a bit of awkward silence. Rosetta was offended. She wanted to see this same beautiful girl. What was the girl doing in his room, locked inside? She was done!

Without warning, she twisted the key and pushed the door wide open. Her eyes entering the room before the door could fully open like she was trying to catch the girl offguard. The door opened. The room was empty but notably neat and smelling fresh. STEEEEEEVE!!!!

“You may come in…hehehe”. He was simply amazing. She followed after him. He got her bag, her envelope and put everything together with the food on a desk that was ontop of a two plate cooker stove. He did not let go of the hubbly bubbly. She was still standing because he had not offered her where to sit. On the right hand wall, there was a very large mirror. She could see her whole body. She couldn’t help admire how well her new outfit looked on her. Steve walked upclose behind her. Too close she felt his breath on her skin when he spoke, pointing at the mirror. There is the most beautiful girl I was talking about. Unconsciously she looked. Then it clicked. So all this while it was her he was talking about. She was melting. She felt so flattered, tears were knocking on her eyes. She closed her eyes to prevent her tears from coming out. She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Stephen held her close.
Her heart jumped. The feeling was indescribable. She wanted to resist being held but she laid her head on his chest as they stood facing the mirror.

“Rosetta” he whispered. His voice was close to her ear it sent shivers of excitement down her spine. Her eyes were still closed. Stephen’s hands were wrapped around her, just beneath her upper body.

“Stephen”, she replied as she put her hands ontop of his, slightly stroking them. They could both feel each other’s heart beats.

“you and unbelievably beautiful” his voice was so smooth and romantic. As he spoke, intentionally he bit her ear. Explosions!!!!!!! Sweet explosions burned within her. Her inner goddess was already pleading. She felt feelings she had never felt before. She could not say anything but his name. she wanted him to continue.


He licked her ear lobe. Oh yes!!! Her breathing quickened. Her eyes were still closed. His hands were on her belly, loving moving to and fro as if looking fro something.

“Oh Stephen”…

He turned her around. She opened her, by now, red eyes. She saw nothing but love in his eyes. She looked at his lips then at his eyes. He deeply breathed, moving his face closer. She too, was leaning in. she could feel the gap closing. She could feel his hands pass behind her back. Her eyes closed. His eyes closed. Her lips parted. His lips slightly parted. This was it then. This was Rosetta. This was Stephen and this was THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY.





“Stephen”….. “Oh Stephen”…..”aaaahh¬” …”yes” her body was starting to burn. to scream. to want. she was craving. Stephen was firmly holding her as his moist and heated mouth continued to eat her flesh away, biting her neck. Her legs were growing weak at this sensation. She wrapped her hands around his neck as his mouth continued to explore her body. Her first feelings of what was yet to come soon passed through her as he bit her left mound through the fabric. Excitement shot to the very center of her core. Her inner goddess was on fire, screaming and drooling at his maneuver. His left hand slowly slid from her waist to her bottom behind; up and over her flesh and back up again. Meanwhile, his right hand slowly cupped her right mound whose apex was fully erect. He gently fondled it. It was like he was in slow motion. Every single touch of his taking her closer to that much envied blissful planet of ecstasy.
“oooooh…yess” she was breathing heavily. Her hands circling his head. His left hand slowly started creeping beneath her slack. The first contact of his fingers with her bare skin behind partially sent her over the edge. She lost all balance and had to hold on tightly to him. He lifted his face to meet hers, leaving wet patches on her shirt with the lining of her mounds clearly showing. Their lips slowly touched again as his hand behind on her bare skin kept going lower and lower. Wanting to be gentle, he was slow in kissing her but she had more urgent needs. She did not need to be slow. Not now. Not with his hand nearly reaching its target while his other hand was sliding beneath her top to undo her bra. Its like he had a third hand. Her tongue entered his mouth, searching, wanting. Her breathing was heavy.
His hand touched that soft and warm spot. Aaaah yes!!!!! Her fabric was sticky. Her wanton flesh was wet and warm. She needed to be touched so she ached he hips to give him access. He knew how she was feeling so he teased her by first brushing a hand past her moist sensitive area. Rosetta wasn’t on earth anymore. She need more his hand there. She pushed her hips to reach his hand but he moved it away.

“Stephen, please”…. She was in desperate need.

“please what?” he asked as he passionately kissed her. She felt like she was dripping. She felt extremely wet, hot and high. It pained to feel so much in need and yet be denied. She needed to be satisfied. She had to.
Stephen’s hand past over her precious rose again, this time slowly circling it as he went lower to that part in most need. She needed to feel him inside her. She was dying for his fingers. Her underwear did her no justice as it was preventing Steve’s hand from entering her.

“Take it off” she managed to whisper, her tongue still in his mouth. She was tugging at his shirt, driving her soft hands beneath his shirt, all over his chest and ultimately down to his trousers. Her heart nearly missed a beat. There was a large bulge on his trousers. She wanted to feel it so she did. She rubbed her hand up and about his hardened shaft whose figure was clearly visible through the jeans. Knowing he was so hard for her made her even more wet. She fumbled to undo his belt. She wanted to feel his flesh in her hand. She had just heard stories of how precious it is to hold a man’s shaft in your hands. She was moments away.

“ooooh…aaaaaahhhhh” she felt a hint of pain mixed with overwhelming pleasure. Steve had just quickly inserted a finger inside her.

“oh yes!!!!…ahhhh …asssshhh….uuuuhhhh…ahhhh…yes….yess…please…” tears were coming out of her eyes. This pleasure was unknown to her. She sucked his tongue as more desperation overtook her. Meanwhile, her hands were still stroking his shaft through the jeans as she had failed to unbuckle his belt. Steve felt some precum. He knew he was as high as she was. Or so he thought.

Abruptly, he removed his finger from where it was and inserted it back again ever so slowly she screamed her orgasm out. He then started pushing his finger in a circular motion. In and out. There was no friction anymore. Rosetta was literally wet with pleasure. It was building. It was nearly there. She was about to have her first real climax.

“please Steve”… she did not intend to say any of this.
“whats my name?” he mocked in between their passionate kiss.
“aaah yes!!!”… she was striding his hand to go deeper. “don’t stop” …ahhh yes” ‘…oh Steve”… she bit his tongue as finally she managed to slide her hand beneath his trousers and boxer to his pulsating hardened member. The feel of of blood rushing through his veins in her hand, his intoxicating mouth and the circular motion of his finger between her legs was more than she could take.
“come for me baby” that’s all she needed to hear.

“oh my gaaa……”…”aaaaaaahhhhh”…”yeeeeeeeesssss”…. “steeeeeeeeeeevvveeeeee”

Her brain escaped her head for a split second as her muscles tightened and contracted on his fingers. Steve never let up with the motion though the hole had become smaller and wetter. She ached back and forth as the pleasure swept through. This was more than she had heard, watched or read. He kept pushing in and out sending her into an unknown planet of leisure. She stroked his shaft as it all built up. Her legs grew weak. Steve firmly held her till her muscles relaxed and flexed.

“I love you Stephen!” she did not know whether she did not mean that. She laid her head on his chest and when the surge had passed, she felt this unknown happiness. She smiled with her hand still holding him. Steve was glad foreplay took her over the edge. She looked at his face. He looked at her. She had an evil smile on her face.

“thank you!” she whispered and kissed him, ever so slowly while she moved them towards the bed. Steve sensed this and broke the kiss. Removed her hand from his trousers and lifted her to the bed where he laid her. Then he started taking off his shirt while she unbuckled his belt. She had seen this before. So she tried to work it the way she saw it. Once his trousers dropped, she licked the lining of his member through the fabric of his white boxer. Stephen was dripping. The sensation was too much. He couldn’t let himself go over the edge now. Not before she felt him. He bent down to crop her top over hear head. She offered no resistance at all. As a compliment, she kissed his nipples as he undid her bra exposing the most gorgeous chest he had ever seen. A cool breeze passed over her bare chest as she stared into his eyes. She wanted him. He wanted her. This was Stephen. This was Rosetta. This was right and this was, THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY. He…..



Deep breaths. She was in a hurry. She couldn’t afford to be late again. Yesterday was so tiring and frustrating. She had stood in the queue from dawn to dusk but did not manage to even reach half way. THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY she imagined was an organized place where registration was done online and not on-line. She had imagined she would be received by smiling faces, directing her where to go and helping her with the entire process. She was wrong. At 06:30 hours in the morning, she was number 147 on the queue which would drain her and prove her fantasies wrong. CBU was more like a white elephant, an old and still aging lady past her prime. This was depressing. Everyone was busy minding their own business, pushing and pulling one another in an attempt to enter the clinic first. This was hell. This was yesterday. She hated this place already.

“Arrrgh!!!” She looked at her watch as she reached the main gate; 05:30 was the time. She smiled. Atleast she wouldn’t be number 147 today. She hurried even more, nearly running. The security guards couldnt help but admire how her nicely shaped body swerved from side to side as she sped past them. She was beautiful. One of them whistled and she pretended not to hear a thing though the thought of being admired made her even more comfortable. So she intentionally walked in a manner her body figure came out (alikafumya umwaiche). She reached the clinic at exactly 5:45. Her steps came to a halt. The queue today was even longer than that of yesterday. “where do these people sleep?” She wondered.

Rosetta wanted to cry. She felt so discouraged and sad. It was going to be another long day on the queue. She lazily walked to the back with white Samsung earsets plugged in her ears though nothing was playing. She pretended to be busy on her phone as she noticed some fairly handsome guy steal glances at her. Each time she looked in his direction, she found him looking at her and smiling at her then he would look away like he wasn’t looking at her. She always liked the feeling of being admired. It warmed her heart that someone would really appreciate the way she was made. She found it flattering. The clinic opened at 08:03. By then she was near the copy centre. The pushing and the pulling started. She hated this.

At 10:00 hours, she was still near the copy centre. She noticed girls that found her on the queue were not spending more than 10 minutes on the queue. They were just going direct with some COBUSU OFFICIALS. How she wished she knew one of these kind and generous guys. The only thing she liked about today was that it wasn’t as hot as yesterday. A cool breeze passed. She deeply breezed with her eyes slightly closed. When she exhaled, the guy that was staring at her earlier was standing next to her. He wasn’t bad. Actually, she thought he was kind of handsome but still she feigned to be busy on her phone. He had cologne so nice; she stole a glance at him; white vee neck tee shirt, neat blue jeans and some nice black canvas. He waved at her but she ignored, still pretending to be typing on her phone and listening to silent music.

“Hi!” he said not wanting everyone to know he was forcing a conversation. She did not respond so he instinctively tapped her shoulder. Electricity surged through her. She could not understand what she felt at that moment. She wanted to make a scene but again, she did not want to make a scene. She took her earsets off and looked at him with a questioning face. Gosh!! He was nice. He smiled.

“Oh!!” he started. “Hi. Uhm… am Stephen. But you can call me Steve”. He extended a hand. She hesitated.

“Hi.” Her voice sounded sweet to his ears. “am Rosetta but you can call me Rose”

“I already know your name” he joked.

“really?” she was shocked. “how? I mean from where?”

“I called airtel and asked if they had any beautiful customers but was told they only had one Rosetta so they gave me your line and I must admit, they weren’t lying.”

She knew he was lying. Ofcourse that was a lie but it was sweet. She blushed and smiled.

“Well, am on MTN so maybe try the next girl”
They both laughed.

“Ok you got me” he chuckled. “I saw you here even yesterday. I thought you had managed to enter.” This was a purified lie.

“I wish I did.” Irritation settling in. “CBU isn’t fair. Those girls just keep entering but they already found us here. I wish I knew some people aswell coz am tired.”

“a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be standing too long on a queue of ugly girls…hehehe….I’ll be back in a bit.”

He left her smiling and atleast feeling much better. Finally she found some charming guy she could talk to. Within five minutes he was back with a buff man wearing an apron.

“Ela!” started Monk Chipo. “Rosetta Lipenga, Follow me.” She wasted no time as envious eyes from her fellow girls followed her. She entered and within a few minutes she was out, smiling, flattered and happy. Stephen was unbelievable. She walked towards one of the tables to buy a COBUSU receipt. STEPHEN sneaked behind her and stopped her.

“I have a surprise for you. Here is a COBUSU receipt for you. Just to appreciate such a beautiful girl even saying hi to me.” Her mind said no to the receipt but her body already got it. It was already written R. LIPENGA on it.
“well, Steve,” she was short of words. “why are you doing this?”
“What am I doing?” he teased. “I have never seen such beauty in my life and I couldn’t bear seeing you standing in that queue.” Every word he said was sweet.
“Please stop flattering me. Am not even that beautiful”. The entire time, that was the statement he was waiting for. His plan was officially underway. “Let me take you upstairs”



A Perfect Betrayal
Dearest dream girl
we met, we talked, we joked and we laughed.
you were pretty, splendid and soft at heart…
your beauty and your smile i loved.
i loved you. i did. we met on facebook.
I remember it all ever so clearly.
I was 18, you were 16. my sweet 16.
we wrote forever together,
made promises that amass the ordinary.
we formed a bond beyond and across the stars,
but unfortunately, like waves on a shore,
our footprints got washed away with time.
You led me on, gave me the illusions of happiness,
and i held on after my mistake.
i broke your heart and in turn broke mine in the process.
we met in Ndola.
you took my broken heart,
and with your warmth, you glued it together,
with you, love gave me hope,
I was a lost soul till I found you..
you were my love.
you. yes. You!
We shared pain and laughter,
we traded secrets,
showed our vulnerabilities,
we had nothing to hide,
not even our nakedness or shame,
for we were soulmates,
till it turned out to be just a fleeting moment,
like water and a flame,
nothing of us has remained,
except these dark patches.
how everything crumbles before your eyes,
that you are left to wonder how you missed the signs,
now what remains is the bitter regrets,
the tormenting thoughts,
the absurd imaginations of seeing you lying next to another,
perhaps thats the worst of all,
how could it be that five years down the line, we are so close to each other yet so far away?
how could it be that we keep trying so hard to stop trying so hard?
this is us and this is our story. each day I think about us and I feel sorry.
it was a perfect love story,
it was a perfect tragedy,
and it was
……….. a perfect betrayal……..


The wind blows by each day,
I clearly have run out of songs to sing, poems to write or words to say.
for we are,

so close, yet, so far away.

We shared pain and laughter,
we traded secrets,
showed our vulnerabilities,
we had nothing to hide,
not even our nakedness or shame,
for we were soul-mates,
till it turned out to be just a fleeting moment,
like water and a flame,
nothing of us has remained,
except these dark patches.
how everything crumbles before your eyes,
that you are left to wonder how you missed the signs,
now what remains is the bitter regrets,
the tormenting thoughts,
the absurd imaginations of seeing you lying next to another,
perhaps thats the worst of all,
how could it be that five years down the line, we are so close to each other yet so far away?
how could it be that we keep trying so hard to stop trying so hard?
this is us and this is our story. each day I think about us and I feel sorry.
it was a perfect love story,
it was a perfect tragedy,

but why did we fight so much?
why did we not kneel together and pray?
how did we not see that we were going astray?
is this really what love is, pain, hatred, betrayal and shame?
that it should hurt me just to mention your name?

baby am tired. really tired.
I know am partly the one to blame for I took our relationship like a game.
obviously you think i care less but it was just a moment of weakness that i got careless
i may be called ruthless but am not heartless
i know my attitude of seemingly not caring was scaring.

maybe thats how we´ve found ourselves here.
everyone warned us but we refused to hear
now I fear for it is clear that our permanent end is near
we are,





When you first initiate the ”love”,
you cant sleep without calling and
texting that one person. You
suddenly render everyone else a
little less important. Your days just
got brighter. You love your
boyfriend. You love that girl and in
your minds, you’ve found your soul
mate. But where does it all go
wrong coz am sure nearly everyone
has a sad love story to tell. ”all he
wanted was sex” ”he couldn’t give
me attention” ”she’s a gold
digger” ”she cheated” ”he’s a
childish flirt” ”i thought i knew him
or her” the reasons are plenty.

GENERATION. We believe in learning
by doing. Most relationships are
only existing because of the
”physical benefits”. Desire is the
driving force. As a result,
selfishness and insecurity are glued
to the relationships.

We believe in calling and texting as
an expression of love, trust and
faithfulness as compared to
physical company. Social media is
the source of relationships. We chat
day in and out about everything
such that when we meet, we do not
have anything to talk about. Now
after the blissful moments of
intimacy, you start feeling like its a
prison. You do not have anything
more to say. If its a guy, you go
back to social media to hunt again
leaving her heart broken.

We are the classy generation where
physical appearance is considered
more than emotional maturity. The
”beautiful” girls are hard to get
unless you drive or can sponsor her
hair. They love the rich kids who
love their bodies. Church guys or
girls are called boring. You must
have ”swag” to date someone.

Programs have replaced passion.
Love is highly mechanical and
nudity is called art. We nolonger
follow the heart. Its just a matter of
time for it all is a slow fade. Its a
ticking time bomb.

Does anybody
here truly love? Please teach me.

heat of hearts

in the heat of hearts, life in every of its second is precious. the demise is always at hand, knocking and seeking whom to devour.

yesterday 21st September, 2013 I got to see my mum and dad. like seriously i was for a split moment of time out of this earth.

it all happened in a flash as i rolled on that tar from the back of a speeding car. the impact with the ground was nothing like what we see in movies. death is real! so i fell watching myself fall as i lost balance and heeded to the laws of gravity.

inertia applied but failed to save me. finally i hit the ground, first with my legs. tried to balance but my leg slipped out of the slippers i was wearing. my head was headed for the hard tar road, death was knocking but i couldn’t open the door, at-least not yet.

in my quest of hushing down the enemy that was knocking i put out my hand to prevent my head from hitting the ground. how it hurt. when my hand came in contact with the road, i was still in motion and it almost broke as my whole weight was still falling. finally my whole body was down, rolling on the road off the back of the car.

the impact was unimaginable. the pain was intense. my skin was peeling and my blood rushing out as bruises attacked every part of my body that came in contact with the road. first my right hand died as it was the point of contact, then my left as i tried to use it to balance, my head was next as it hit the road and again after bouncing hit down. then he whole body fell and at last i came to a halt. everything stopped moving, not a sound was heard.


then all the noise was back. my eyes literally opened and i was back on that road, agonizing in pain. my blood remains on that road as i go out to seek a doctor. just a clarification, My body heals fast. I am healing and you don’t have to worry. God is at work!!

Adapted from the book heat of hearts by Fred kanshamba