Painfully aware of this emptiness, I wonder: are you also awake at night, also lonely. Are you, too, also desperate to pick up the phone and break this silence between us or do you sleep soundly, without regrets, relieved our affair had finally ended? While I might be my own man again, freedom comes with a price. An empty bed, sleepless nights, a troubled heart and the unanswerable question: Am I better with you or without you?

Do you miss me my love?
Will we ever soar above like an innocent dove?
Will our hearts ever dance to the same song?
Will they beat, not as two, but as one like before?
Will your warmth, your breath and your kisses be the ones I wake up to?
Will you, my love, be my love?
Lesson learnt. This is what pride and ego lead to?
One feeling like a fool.

I look at our past, our fights, arguments and disputes. I remember the first time we ever broke up. I remember the first I saw you cry, the first time I broke your heart. The memory of seeing you hurt still rings new feelings of hurt up to this day. I do not even have the words to say. Maybe all I need to do is

Now I’m haunted by the thought of you being with another man. Are you happier without me? Are you finally in love? Does he treat you better than I did? Do you share with him our dreams? Do you, my love, love another?

How was I so blind? How did it slip my mind that I was leaving us behind?
The first day my lips touched yours.
Chin to chin, chest to chest and mouth to mouth, we stood.
The moment felt so good.

Together, forever, wherever.

We were a force to reckon with.
You were caring, I wasn’t.
You were loving, I wasn’t.
What a perfect tragedy.

Little lady I still call you.
Few are like you and with every day that is new, my feelings get to be more true. I miss you my dearest
beautiful love.
I, not only miss you, but still need you.
My one heart.

My one love.
My one mind.
So today, I break out of my manly pride and ego.
Today I let it go.
Today, I openly admit what we’ve all known
I am in love with you.
I have always been and I will always be.
You and I were meant to be …
Together, forever, wherever.