Booty or Beauty : The Dream Part one (Poetry)


So we had a click.
We called it the Chick flick click for we were slick. We made rhymes that made no sense. We were the Goons of our hood and we’d go around wearing hoodies as our identity…

We loved girls. We loved either their booty or beauty. I said we loved girls. We loved either their booty or beauty.

We were flirts. Perves with unknown desire and hunger for sex. We were in constant competition, trying different forms of viagra. People saw men in us but we were just overgrown boys with beards. Beards with emotional stunted growth. We fell in and out of relationships till one day, it hit me. I fell for this one innocent girl but by nature of my nature as a childish flirt, i called her my hot, sexy sauce. . . the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She fell for it.

I wrote poems. I Described her beauty, dignity and innocence till I broke her purity and virginity. I boasted to my friends and said “it was fun but, on to the next one”. I left her heart wide open and dripping for it was broken. Little did I know, it was literally broken. so as a feigned act of solidarity, viagra already taken, I went to her and recited my lines till we got in bed. She cried but i comforted her with my lies. She melted at my words till We made sweet love. Taken by the peak of my pleasure, i did not notice that she was motionless. She had been motionless for a long time.

I, however was in the ecstatic planet and kept on going till I deposited my genes into a lifeless body and fell on top of her panting, feeling accomplished. The viagra worked and i was sure she felt me. However, When the misty fog had passed and my brain started functioning, my heart nearly missed a beat or it did beat twice at once. The innocent girl was long gone and there I was, in my own bedroom with a dead body.
………. …..,…… …………..