You left and I wrote words.

I abused the pen as I tried to express my thoughts using ink.
I was left alone, sad and broken.
I was left with so many feelings unfelt
And so many words unspoken,
You once were my love and my life revolved only around you.
I loved you. I treasured you.
I loved and I trusted. My one heart and my one mind.

I gave you my heart, my mind and my all.
How could it be that we never lasted?
How could a love so strong easily crumble and fall?
How could love, trust, passion, responsibility and romance not be enough to save us?
How could envy, jealousy and rumours overpower us?
My love; please, talk to me.
I have tried to let it go.
I can’t.

I still love you. And am not afraid to admit it. Not any more.

Hear me all ye that see. Hear my plea and from me do not flee.
My love is gone and like her, there is no other.
Please help me reach out to her.
I cheated and I lied, which is wrong.
She complained about it and I told her I’d stop.
But sometimes, life is like a song.
I repeatedly cheated and for a time too long,
She couldn’t take it anymore.

I pretended not to care to impress my friends but deep down my heart, I was shattered.
i pretended till we fought.
Baby as I watched you cry for me that night in the bright blue of the moon light,
I cried with you but kept on with the fight.
You slapped me when you found me lying clad, arm in arm with another girl.
I don’t know what came over me.
I clearly lost my sight and the sense of right.
I was trying to be a star to my friends and its only now that I ask myself,
To what end?

Each day, I remember your beautiful smile, your ugly laughter, your weird jokes and your sweet love
Your sweet fragrance, your gentle touch, your loving kisses, your warm embrace, your passion and your kind heart.
There really is none like you.

If I could alter the alphabet, I would change U and I back to US.
You’ve obviously moved on but I am still here, stuck, lonely and alone.
The lonely social.
I am a fool to ever lose someone like you.

How could I have been busy building friendships, chasing dreams and yet left my love behind?
How could I be so blind?
All you did was love me and care for me.
Truly we men have got problems when we know someone deeply loves us.
My love, my baby, my woman, my little lady.
I know we won’t get back together and I know you won’t read this because you blocked me but either ways,

If this message ever reaches you, please know that I STILL LOVE YOU BABY.
I guess this time I really need to pay the price we all pay for being playful, flirty and careless.




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