Then their lips met. Rosetta went to the moon and came back right in that moment. His lips felt soft, this kind of pleasure couldn’t be legal. His tongue gently proded her slightly parted lips, seeking to pry them open. She responded opening her mouth further. She felt something firm and wet, unlike her own, warm seeking to engage her own tongue in a tango. He nibbled on her upper lip whilst at the same time flicking his tongue in her mouth. His hands dropped further to cup her bottom, gently squeezing and lift her up so that his pelvis was at par with hers. He left her mouth, leaving her feeling empty and cold, and moved laying little fluttery kisses from her left ear all the way down to her shoulder. Each kiss topped off with a little bite. Rosetta let a long sigh, oh God this felt good, she was moaning.

Steve smiled, those sounds meant he was hitting it right on the spot. He kissed and nibbled his way to her earlobe, caressed it with his tongue and bit it just a little bit. He could already see the fabric of her shirt straining and her chest heaving up and down with each breath. She threw her head back, exposing her neck even further…looks like another area was begging for his attention.

“Stephen”….. “Oh Stephen”…..”aaaahh” …”yes” her body was starting to burn. to scream. to want. she was craving. Stephen was firmly holding her as his moist and heated mouth continued to eat her flesh away, biting her neck. Her legs were growing weak at this sensation. She wrapped her hands around his neck as his mouth continued to explore her body. Her first feelings of what was yet to come soon passed through her as he bit her left mound through the fabric.

Excitement shot to the very center of her core. Her inner goddess was on fire, screaming and drooling at his maneuver. His left hand slowly slid from her waist to her bottom behind; up and over her flesh and back up again. Meanwhile, his right hand slowly cupped her right mound whose apex was fully erect. He gently fondled it. It was like he was in slow motion. Every single touch of his taking her closer to that much envied blissful planet of ecstasy.

“oooooh…yess” she was breathing heavily. Her hands circling his head. His left hand slowly started creeping beneath her slack. The first contact of his fingers with her bare skin behind partially sent her over the edge. She lost all balance and had to hold on tightly to him. He lifted his face to meet hers, leaving wet patches on her shirt with the lining of her mounds clearly showing. Their lips slowly touched again as his hand behind on her bare skin kept going lower and lower.

Wanting to be gentle, he was slow in kissing her but she had more urgent needs. She did not need to be slow. Not now. Not with his hand nearly reaching its target while his other hand was sliding beneath her top to undo her bra. Its like he had a third hand. Her tongue entered his mouth, searching, wanting. Her breathing was heavy.

His hand touched that soft and warm spot. Aaaah yes!!!!! Her fabric was sticky. Her wanton flesh was wet and warm. She needed to be touched so she ached her hips to give him access. He knew how she was feeling so he teased her by first….

To be continued…..


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