The wind blows by each day,
I clearly have run out of songs to sing, poems to write or words to say.
for we are,

so close, yet, so far away.

We shared pain and laughter,
we traded secrets,
showed our vulnerabilities,
we had nothing to hide,
not even our nakedness or shame,
for we were soul-mates,
till it turned out to be just a fleeting moment,
like water and a flame,
nothing of us has remained,
except these dark patches.
how everything crumbles before your eyes,
that you are left to wonder how you missed the signs,
now what remains is the bitter regrets,
the tormenting thoughts,
the absurd imaginations of seeing you lying next to another,
perhaps thats the worst of all,
how could it be that five years down the line, we are so close to each other yet so far away?
how could it be that we keep trying so hard to stop trying so hard?
this is us and this is our story. each day I think about us and I feel sorry.
it was a perfect love story,
it was a perfect tragedy,

but why did we fight so much?
why did we not kneel together and pray?
how did we not see that we were going astray?
is this really what love is, pain, hatred, betrayal and shame?
that it should hurt me just to mention your name?

baby am tired. really tired.
I know am partly the one to blame for I took our relationship like a game.
obviously you think i care less but it was just a moment of weakness that i got careless
i may be called ruthless but am not heartless
i know my attitude of seemingly not caring was scaring.

maybe thats how we´ve found ourselves here.
everyone warned us but we refused to hear
now I fear for it is clear that our permanent end is near
we are,



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