A Perfect Betrayal
Dearest dream girl
we met, we talked, we joked and we laughed.
you were pretty, splendid and soft at heart…
your beauty and your smile i loved.
i loved you. i did. we met on facebook.
I remember it all ever so clearly.
I was 18, you were 16. my sweet 16.
we wrote forever together,
made promises that amass the ordinary.
we formed a bond beyond and across the stars,
but unfortunately, like waves on a shore,
our footprints got washed away with time.
You led me on, gave me the illusions of happiness,
and i held on after my mistake.
i broke your heart and in turn broke mine in the process.
we met in Ndola.
you took my broken heart,
and with your warmth, you glued it together,
with you, love gave me hope,
I was a lost soul till I found you..
you were my love.
you. yes. You!
We shared pain and laughter,
we traded secrets,
showed our vulnerabilities,
we had nothing to hide,
not even our nakedness or shame,
for we were soulmates,
till it turned out to be just a fleeting moment,
like water and a flame,
nothing of us has remained,
except these dark patches.
how everything crumbles before your eyes,
that you are left to wonder how you missed the signs,
now what remains is the bitter regrets,
the tormenting thoughts,
the absurd imaginations of seeing you lying next to another,
perhaps thats the worst of all,
how could it be that five years down the line, we are so close to each other yet so far away?
how could it be that we keep trying so hard to stop trying so hard?
this is us and this is our story. each day I think about us and I feel sorry.
it was a perfect love story,
it was a perfect tragedy,
and it was
……….. a perfect betrayal……..


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