When you first initiate the ”love”,
you cant sleep without calling and
texting that one person. You
suddenly render everyone else a
little less important. Your days just
got brighter. You love your
boyfriend. You love that girl and in
your minds, you’ve found your soul
mate. But where does it all go
wrong coz am sure nearly everyone
has a sad love story to tell. ”all he
wanted was sex” ”he couldn’t give
me attention” ”she’s a gold
digger” ”she cheated” ”he’s a
childish flirt” ”i thought i knew him
or her” the reasons are plenty.

GENERATION. We believe in learning
by doing. Most relationships are
only existing because of the
”physical benefits”. Desire is the
driving force. As a result,
selfishness and insecurity are glued
to the relationships.

We believe in calling and texting as
an expression of love, trust and
faithfulness as compared to
physical company. Social media is
the source of relationships. We chat
day in and out about everything
such that when we meet, we do not
have anything to talk about. Now
after the blissful moments of
intimacy, you start feeling like its a
prison. You do not have anything
more to say. If its a guy, you go
back to social media to hunt again
leaving her heart broken.

We are the classy generation where
physical appearance is considered
more than emotional maturity. The
”beautiful” girls are hard to get
unless you drive or can sponsor her
hair. They love the rich kids who
love their bodies. Church guys or
girls are called boring. You must
have ”swag” to date someone.

Programs have replaced passion.
Love is highly mechanical and
nudity is called art. We nolonger
follow the heart. Its just a matter of
time for it all is a slow fade. Its a
ticking time bomb.

Does anybody
here truly love? Please teach me.


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