“Excuse me, can I have a minute with you?” The softness of the voice caught him off guard as he turned to see its source. For a second, he was speechless as he scanned the attractive body standing before him. Words seemed to have deserted his mind.

“Sure, whats up?”

His heart was beating at a pace, faster than normal. Adrenaline was being secreted into his bloodstream and all of a sudden, he felt shaky and nervousness took the better of him. He faked a smile to hide the emotions he was going through but it only made it worse. Noticing this, she sternly looked at his face.

He felt his nose falling out of place and wondered what she was making out of his face. His knees started trembling and he felt his trousers slowly falling off. He did not know what to do or say. Luckily, she got him out of the misery when she spoke up.

“Well, sorry if I am interrupting your schedule but are you new here?”

He was still struggling to get a grip of himself.

“Yes… I mean no”

A……to be continued