Birth of Bad Omen

June 8 dawned like any other normal day. the cloudless clear blue sky and the still cool breeze graced the beginning of the day. All seemed to be well as i happily jumped out of bed. However, i noticed one thing. The sun was no where to be seen and according to the strange happenings of our society, if the day,to be specific, if your birthday begins without the gracing of the sun the something was wrong somewhere”.

“but what could it be?” i asked myself…

i could smell something burning but i thought it was just my imagination and fears for the day. But then, a thought, a voice came to mind.

“Fred, you have to act!”

“i have to act?!” i loudly asked only to realize that i was talking to myself.

I ignored the thought and had almost got back into the blankets when the voice came. This time with a tone of urgency in it.

“Fred, something is wrong. Act now!”

“where?’ i asked again only to realize that i was talking to myself. I had just rubbed the thought from my mind when I heard a loud voice from my mother’s bedroom.

“Fred!! help!! please help…me…”

At first,the voice was loud but it was getting fainter and fainter. it was as if she had been shouting for a long time and was by now exhausted. i therefore quickly rushed out of my bedroom but when i looked at my mother’s bedroom, a shiver of fear ran down my spine and a different story was taught.

Smoke was coming out of my mother’s bedroom and from the amount of smoke i saw, every second i wasted meant a step closer to my mother’s death. I rushed to her bedroom but when I opened the door, I was blown away by a fire so strong that when I came in contact with the ground, I felt as if I had lost my right hip. The pain was intense but then…
“FRED HELP!!!!” Her screams were halted by a wooden plank which cracked and fell on top of her head. The fire was getting more intense and my mother’s survival depended on how fast i was going to get us out of that room. I started thinking of a way out but then another plank cracked and fell on top of my mother. This time around, the plank had a lot of fire on it which burnt my mother’s leg. She felt the pain..
“FRED!!!!” She couldn’t move out because a heavy wardrobe which was soon setting ablaze had fallen on top of her legs.  She could see the fire coming…
On impulse, I forgot about my hip and jumped into the smoke and fire filled room
The fire was so intense that in the course of events that followed, I doubted my own survival.
“FRED….I…… AM….. HERE…..”
“WHERE?!!” I impatiently asked. However, There was no response. This meant only two things. Its either she had passed out or ….. The most unfortunate thing, passed on, or in other words, DIED. I couldn’t afford to lose my mother and therefore, I forgot about  the heat and focused on finding her. Failing to find her wasn’t  one of my options, I just had to find her or I would never have forgiven myself for failing to do so.
Unfortunately, the web of bad luck had its grip on my neck and finally made its grip when suddenly, a wooden plank cracked from the roof and fell on me.
I fell down almost unconsciously but my being came back into me when I realized that i had just fallen on top of my mother’s head. I hated myself for falling on top of her head but could I have done? The plank would have fallen on top of her head. My head started aching but my mother’s survival mattered the most
I realized that my shirt was on fire. The back of my shirt was on fire which meant my mother’s face was being burnt. I forcibly threw myself off her and took of the shirt. I felt the intensity of the heat  the more but what did it matter? I had to rescue my mother. I tried to lift her but then I saw the wardrobe which was soon setting ablaze. I pushed it with all my power and luckily, it heeded to the force I applied although it scorched my fingers. A light small burning piece of wood fell on my mother’s face. I quickly removed it but her face still needed something cold for the spot where it had fallen. Having no water, I decided to use the last alternative, saliva. I spat saliva on my burnt fingers and rubbed it on my mother’s burnt face. It now seemed as if the whole house was on fire so ready or not, we just had to get out.
Not being strong enough to lift my mother, I dragged her towards the bedroom door as the fire continued to eat the whole room and mercilessly advance towards us. It was coming at a pace, faster than I was dragging my mother and in the turn of events, the fire reached us before we reached the door. I lay on top of my mother so that her clothes do not get inflamed, my back was burnt but I had no other option. I stood up and dragged my mother towards the door and in the process I thought to myself, “If she dies……” I did not want to imagine anything more. I only wished for help from anybody because I knew that five more minutes in that room meant the end of our family. I prayed for neighbors to come and help but when I reached the door, something unusual happened, the door, which was by now on fire cracked in my face and fell on top of me. ‘the end!!” I thought to myself before I fainted. The fire finally accessed its way to my mother’s clothes. We were both in flames. “Neighbors!” I shouted before I passed out.
I could hear voices and I could see flashes of light. I opened my eyes and saw men dressed in white robs.
“Where am I?” I asked one of the men as I only thought of heaven.

“What happened? why am I the only one in bed? Why…?”
The questions were endless.
“HE MADE IT!!” Shouted one of the men. “HE’S ALIVE!! WELCOME BACK SON!”
That answered all questions. I was alive and in hospital, but what about my mother?

“Where is my mother?” I asked trying to get up but failed.
“Well, your mother…”
A short pause.
“Your mother…”
A sad expression on his face.
“Did not make it… We are sorry. We did all we could but it was too late.”
“WHAT?!” I felt as if I had been hit with a large brick on my head.

“My mother? Dead? After all that effort? I AM FINISHED!” I said as the tap that holds tears in my eyes broke to let out a stream of tears.
“TOMORROW? How does one die today and gets buried the following day? ” I angrily asked
“Actually, today is the fourth day since she died. We were waiting for your recovery ”.
Those words were enough to send me back to sleep. I lay in a pool of tears as I could not bring myself to accepting what had happened. The following day, I was helped to reach the burial site on a wheel chair. The rituals had already been performed and everything had already been done.
“FROM DUST YOU CAME AND TO DUST YOU SHALL RETURN” Were the last words said and she was taken away from  I was there at the graveyard, helplessly watching as she was being driven into that pit. Many people were heartbroken and they cried. My only family had just been taken away from me.
I am now an orphan, having no intention of seeing another day without the love of my mother. But then, “REJOICE ALWAYS”…….”GOD GIVES AND TAKES AWAY” So should I rejoice now that she is gone or should I cry? Every……


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